Hucclecote vrs Blades 30th October 2011


Final score 33-53


Hucclecote travelled to Bournemouth still looking for some form during this early part of the season. The squad had a number of key players missing, for what was an important fixture. The squad included Lydia Hallbrook, Gemma Gray, Laura Smith, Kerry Walsh, Jack Gabriel, Sam Perry, Rosie Pretorious, Nicola James and Hannah Jeavons (15yrs old and debut)


The squad started strongly in the first quarter managing to find the shooters Gray and Hallbrook frequently, the duo managed to score 13 of the 15 attempts they had. The team played with speed and patience and displayed a greater level of control than many recent games. Hucclecote went into the 2nd quarter 13-12 ahead.


The second quarter did not fair so well, and Hucclecote managed to self-implode making numerous errors allowing Blades the opportunity to come back strongly. Blades shooters were accurate and had numerous shooting opportunities which saw Blades go into the second half of the game 23-18 ahead.


Hucclecote were unable to change the flow of the game and Blades went from strength to strength playing strong netball through all thirds. Hucclecote dropped their heads and were unable to lift themselves up from a difficult position. In the final quarter Jeavons was introduced at GS making her debut at premiere level.


This was a disappointing performance for everyone concerned with the team, none of whom felt they did themselves any justice. Gemma Gray was our player of the match having only arrived back in the UK at 2:00am and having only 4 hours sleep; she then then travelled to the match where she shot well throughout.


Shooting Stats:


Lydia Hallbrook          68%

Gemma Gray               85%

Hannah Jeavons          60%