A great confidence boost was given to this Bateman Hucclecote '1st' Squad today. With the starting score at 52-0 in favour for the opposition, Hucclecote knew that not only did the shots have to go in but they must also make lots of interceptions to turn the ball over.

After the first quarter the score was 54-17 which meant that Hucclecote were in line with their target of getting at least 15 goals per quarter. Maxine Powell and Polly Banyard were both shooting perfectly and the ball was brought up the court well.

At half time Hucclecote were still full of energy and really wanted to win the game and this determination showed throughout the 60 minutes of play. Arnie Brown and Kat Honeywill came on as WA and GA respectively at half time and helped to continue the reach for the squad to get at least another 30 goals.

The final score was 73-58 to Hucclecote meaning that they won 73-6 if the score had started 0-0. The game displayed a huge amount of team spirit and they are now looking forward to the next round of the Bateman Cup.

Well done to all the squad.