Leeds Vrs Hucclecote 4th December 2011 

Final Score Leeds  35       Hucclecote   47

Hucclecote began their long journey to Leeds with the players, coach and Team Manager all having to wake up at an hour that nobody should see on a Sunday morning. Although bleary eyed the team were taking a new found optimism and confidence into the fixture. The squad for today’s fixture was Jack Gabriel (Captain), Gemma Gray, Olivia Beveridge, Lydia Hallbrook, Neala Brennan, Laura Smith, Sam Cook, Sam Perry and Rosie Pretorious.

Hucclecote were hoping to avenge their previous fixture this season, where Leeds ran out victors in the first game of the season winning by 9 goals.

Hucclecote started their warm-up only to be told by Leeds that they were in the wrong half and had to move their bench and kit to the other side. Leeds were trying to dominate Hucclecote before they had even taken the court, the psychological ploy gave Hucclecote a necessary nudge telling them that today was going to be hard fought right from the start.

The first quarter saw both teams fiercely competing, Hucclecote took an early lead, but some unforced errors allowed Leeds to come back and go into the second quarter 1 goal ahead. Beveridge had started the game well and was shooting consistently, Gabriel was feeding the ball accurately into the shooting circle from the Centre position and Perry and Barrett were settling well in the defensive end.

The second quarter saw Smith come on as WA where she showed good composure, reversing the ball back when necessary and playing with the required patience to feed the ball into our shooters when they were free. Cook began to demonstrate good skills as a WD finding great defensive position on the WA and C forcing elevated balls into the Leeds shooters. This gave Perry and Barrett more time to pick off the intercepts and force errors. Beveridge continued to shoot well and Hucclecote went into half time one goal up at 22-11.

It was time to make a statement in the third Quarter and Hucclecote went into this critical period of the game with guts and determination. Beveridge went into GA and Hallbrook was brought on as GS. The defensive end got fired up and Hucclecote decided to push the game out of Leeds control. This quarter saw Perry, Cook and Gabriel come up with 6 clear intercepts, Barrett took 2 clear rebounds and with a number of tips and forced errors, Hucclecote went forward and fed the ball into their shooters. Hallbrook scored 9 goals battling with her GK Lauren Potter and looked sharp, rewarding the defensive efforts of Hucclecote into Goals at the other end. Beveridge continued to play with composure and the whole team played with patience, Hucclecote went into the Last quarter 35-28 ahead.

The team remained unchanged going into the last quarter, with stern words coming from the bench reminding the players that if they didn’t play with drive, focus and determination that Leeds would come back and win the game. Leeds changed their shooting circle, utilising their two six footers as GA and GS. Leeds came out with a real fire in their bellies and did everything they could to turn the ball over, pushing their defence high into our defensive third. Hucclecote had to play with control, ensuring that they retained possession, Cook and Perry at WD and GD allowed the Hucclecote attack to reverse the ball back and only put good ball into the attacking third. Leeds had a mini comeback scoring four goals in quick succession; however Hucclecote played with the drive and grit they needed and by playing intelligent controlled netball were able to stop the comeback that Leeds was so desperately trying to achieve. Hucclecote won the last quarter 10-9, taking a great victory in the process winning the game 45-37. This was a great victory which saw Leeds fielding a number of Super-League players; however Hucclecotes’s great determination and team spirit proved too much for Leeds on the day.

Shooting Stats Beveridge 21/30 70%,  Gray 7/12 58%, Hallbrook 17/25 68%

Players player of the Match - Sam Perry, Coaches Player of the Match – Olivia Beveridge

Coach – Carl Hallbrook                   Team Manager -  Sue Wainwright