Hucclecote Premier vrs New Campbell 29th January 2012

Win 38-36

Hucclecote were in good mood at the beginning of this game, although recently losing to Oldham they had a fine performance and a number of recent wins to show that they were moving in the right direction as a team. The squad for this match was: Sam Perry (GK), Sam Cook (GD), Kerry Walsh (WD), jack Gabriel (C), Laura Smith (WA), Olivia Beveridge (GA), Lydia Hallbrook (GS), Lauren Brooks, Neala Brennan and Gemma Gray.

Hucclecote’s good mood was quickly shattered with a strong opening quarter for New Campbell which saw them take an early lead and at one point leading by 10 goals. A strong resurgence saw Hucclecote fight back with Hallbrook scoring 9 from 11 and Walsh taking 3 clean intercepts. This allowed the team to fight back from what could have been a disastrous start and eventually finish the first quarter 13-10 behind.

The second quarter saw Hucclecote in determined mood; great control from Gabriel and strong drives through the attacking third from Smith allowed the players the freedom they needed and with Gray now on at GA, Hucclecote became an attacking force. The strength of Hucclecote was in its defensive work throughout the whole court but especially with Cook, Perry and Walsh in the defensive end. Perry took three clean intercepts whilst Cook was applying great pressure as GK, forcing numerous errors. The quarter ended with Hucclecote taking a 21-20 lead going into the second half of the game.

The third quarter saw a more evenly contested game with New Campbell competing strongly. Hucclecote gave tenacious Gabriel some minor respite putting her into WD and pushing Walsh into the C position.  New Campbell crowded the Centre third pushing their GA and WA back towards their defensive end. This made the netball gritty and Hucclecote had to play with patience, reversing the ball where necessary and keeping their composure before launching a further attack to the shooting circle. The end of this period saw both teams going into the final quarter with 30 goals each. It was going to be a battle which only the most determined team would be able to win.

The last quarter saw Gabriel move back to C, Walsh back to WD and Brennan coming on as WA. Early stages of the game saw both teams trading goals, Brennan made a Hollywood pass into Gray who converted. Brennan then played with the composure that the team needed and created safe passing options to take the pressure off the team as the time progressed.  Perry, Cook and Walsh continued to apply substantial pressure and New Campbell struggled to get the ball into their shooters.  New Campbell defender Keable was putting huge pressure onto the Hucclecote shooters; however Hucclecote were able to take a valuable 2 goal lead going into the last two minutes.  Calls from the bench asked the team to take control of the ball and decided that at that stage there was no need to attack their shooting circle. Hucclecote then played a minute and half of keep ball, playing the ball to the free players without taking any unnecessary risks. New Campbell was unable to turn the ball over and Hucclecote retained possession until the final whistle, finishing victors with a 38-36 scoreline.

This was a truly gritty team performance by Hucclecote and although the netball wasn’t as attractive as they would like to play, it certainly was effective. The team is committed and work like Trojans and they fully deserved this victory.

Coache’s player of the Match was jointly earned by Sam Cook and Kerry Walsh whose tireless pressure and intercepts pushed Hucclecote to the win.

Hucclecote would also like to thank the many supporters at the game that helped cheer their players onto victory.

Coaches: Carl Hallbrook   Gilly Salter

Team Manager: Sue Wainwright