A game which should have been a clear victory ended in a disappointing draw due to a huge amount of errors in the 2nd half.

First time around Hucclecote secured a comfortable 20 goal win & at half time with the score at 27-15 looked to be heading towards a similar result.

Shooter Millie Price was joined by Kate Nicholls who between the two of them netted 27/36. They rotated well & mid courters Helen Werrell & Harri Pratton were able to feed easily. At the back Kayleigh Garbutt Roberts dominated in defence taking a number of clean steals, well supported by Fliss Phillips, Lucy Werrell & Hayley Neate who all turned ball.

Play began to deteriorate in the 3rd Q, with feeds being forced to the shooters who also began to struggle to convert. Meanwhile the Bournemouth GS began to get into her stride, netting 7/8 to close the deficit to 8.

Going into the final Q still 8 goals ahead & after a stern talking to on the bench, Hucclecote took the court with the intention of improving their error rate. Unfortunately, it went from bad to worse, with 16 errors alone in the final 15 mins. B'mouth meanwhile were on a roll & were closing with every minute!

With the scores level at 36 each, with seconds on the clock, B'mouth were awarded a penalty shot, which they missed.

Hucclecote were extremely lucky to hang onto a draw considering their 2nd half performance.

Player of the Match - Kayleigh G-Roberts.

Squad - Millie Price, Kate Nicholls, Helen Werrell, Harri Pratton, Lucy Werrell, Hayley Neate, Kayleigh G- R & Fliss Phillips.

Shooting Stats - Price - 25/39  - 64%      Nicholls - 11/14   - 79%