The scoreline doesn't reflect how closely contested this match was, but rather the incredible accuracy of both the Saints shooters, who converted 97% & 90% respectively!

It was always going to be an up hill battle as down to the bare 7 players on the morning of the game & faced with a long 4 hour trip to Cornwall, the advantage was with the home team.

They made a strong start, netting 14 of their 17 attempts, compared to Hucclecotes 7 from 11.

It was during the 2nd quarter that Hucclecote stepped up a gear & began to perform! With Betsy Willey making her debut at this level, netting 9/12, the deficit was cut to only 5 goals.

Hayley Neate at WD had an outstanding quarter, turning the ball 4 times &  setting up the defence to pick off steals too.

Fliss Phillips, Kayleigh Garbutt Roberts & Hayley Neate, worked tirelessly to close down the Saints attack, but found it hard to stem the flow of their shooters.

In the 1st & 3rd  quarters, Saints defence were able to spoil Hucclecotes attack with physical, obstructive play, but in the other two, they were penalised & scores were much closer.

Squad; Millie Price, Betsy Willey, Helen Werrell, Harri Pratton, Hayley Neate, Kayleigh Garbutt Roberts & Fliss Phillips.

Shooting stats; Price 12/20  -  60%                      Willey  23/35  -  66%

Player of the match - Hayley Neate & Betsy Willey.