Hucclecote secured another win, but made hard work of it, particularly considering Almondsbury only had 6 players!

Almondsbury had the better start, edging into a one goal lead, through accurate shooting by their Goal Shooter. At the opposite end, Hucclecote saw the welcome return of Goal Attack Kim Will, though her partnership with Millie Price was not at its best for the first half.

It was during the 2nd quarter that Hucclecotes defence & mid court began to turn ball. Hayley Neate in the more unusual position of GD due to Kayleigh G-B being injured & Helen Werrell at WD made a couple of crucial intercepts.

Harri Pratten at C with Kirsty Trueman & Kate Nicholls mid court began to utilise the free player they had in attack, though a change of Centre for Almondsbury did cause some disruption to Hucclecotes attack.

Having clawed back their one goal deficit & moving into a goal lead at half time, it was during the next period of play that Hucclecote began to stamp their authority on the game. Millie Price at shooter finally began to convert with her usual accuracy, netting 9/12 & 12/16!

At the other end also, Fliss Phillips at GK, began to get the better of the Goal Shooter, tipping, rebounding & turning ball. During the 2nd half Neate & Phillips between them turned the ball 15 times!

During the final 15minutes, the efforts of playing one short began to tell on Almondsbury, allowing Hucclecote to extend their lead to win by a flattering 14 goals.


Squad ; Millie Price, Kim Will, Kirsty Trueman, Harri Pratten, Kate Nicholls, Helan Werrell, Hayley Neate & Fliss Phillips.

Shooting Stats ; Price 34/50  - 68%                  Will  24/41  -  58%

Player of the Match - Fliss Phillips.