Hucclecote Hurricanes v Survivors

Starting score 0-38 to Survivors


The quarter finals of the Bateman Cup saw Hurricanes having to make up a 38 goal deficit. The start of the game saw Survivors playing strong and scoring the first two goals which meant that Hurricanes had to settle and needed to score at least 10 goals per quarter to take the lead. They only scored 9 goals in the 1st quarter and Survivors scored 7 – this was not enough.


After team talk at quarter time Hurricanes went back on court and hit Survivors hard, forcing them to make mistakes which Hurricanes’ shooters Max Powell and Pollyanna Banyard converted, winning that 2nd quarter by 19-4. By half time the score was 28-49 to Survivors.


Survivors defence put out shooters under pressure during the 3rd quarter and with forced passes and errors by players meant they were still 12 down going into the last quarter.


Players were determined not to lose this game with some good interceptions by Hannah Legur, the shooters were able to convert the goals and had scored 10 goals within the first four minutes of the last quarter! Pressure was applied to Survivors by every Hurricane player which saw Hurricanes take the lead and finally win the game 58-54.


Credit to Survivors who pushed the Hurricanes all the way to the final whistle.


Squad: Max Powell, Pollyanna Banyard, Kat Honeywill, Kate Nicholls, Melissa Tallan, Hannah Legur, Laura Mitchinson (capt), Danni Burgess, Sally Pearce.