Reg 1 v Raychem
43 - 41

With yet another different line up for this game Hucclecote started well with the defence turning ball and the shooters converting saw us take an early lead of which turned out to be a vital quarter in this game as we won this quarter by 4 ,drew 2nd and lost 3rd and 4th by 1.Hucclecote dominated when the quick ball was played but were not able to maintain this throughout the game due to Raychem applying defence pressure to all players throughout the court and this saw Hucclecote make unforced errors but as the final minutes ticked away Hucclecote dug deep to keep the lead and win by 2 .
Player of the match was Sophie Masterson who was outstanding in the defence turning the ball.

Shooters stats Lydia Holbrook 59%
Hannah Jevons 80%
Rhi Holbrook 38% (1/4 played due to injury)