Reg 1 v Crossbow


Reg 1 welcomed Michelle back into the squad after returning from her 3 months of travelling and it was straight back to a full game as we had our 3 normal shooters out this week ,the combination of Michelle and Anna worked well and took a first half lead of 20-11, but this was a game of two half’s ,in the first it was a quick and well drilled Hucclecote team and in the second we forced the ball and were unable to cut out balls from opposition, we lost 3 centre passes in a row which crossbow scored from and then scored of their own which saw them get with in 1, with an injury to Anna saw her having to come off which left us with 1 shooter, Lauren moved to the G/A to feed shooter but our errors was the downfall and crossbow took full advantage and won the game by 1 .

Player of the match awarded by opposition was Anna Joll