Turned up at Bournemouth coach Ben Hania not happy with the venue, No team bench or flip cards for scoring, also all the parents & spectators had to stand on the side or sit on the benches along the side of the courts with team, Not really suitable for a Regional match !!
The girls were all ready for the match against Bournemouth, under 16's were playing excellent netball with tips & interceptions from all parts of the court 1st qtr 21-3.
This gave the coach a chance to change the team around before the next match against Poole, with every qtr one or two changing positions all worked well, by the end of the match a few errors started to creep in, but by that time the girls were in a comfortable lead
Won 67-16 great win...
1st qtr 21-3
2nd qtr 36-9
3rd qtr 54-11
4th qtr 67-11
Shooting Stats
Kellie 5/10 9/16 10/11 65%
Hannah 13/6 12/13 76%
Sam 8/12 5/9 5/6 60%
Interceptions 46 WOW
Tips 10
Contact 22
Poor Passes 26 not good & it was the squad :-(
Obstruction 5 not bad for a full match :-)
Kellie , Hannah, Meg, Sam, Georgia, Rebecca, Tara, Lauren, Becky
Stella Ben Hania
Umpire Emma
Team Manager Sue Hull
Scorer Tracie Hull
A big thank you to all the supporters