Poole .
After having an hour off, Hucclecote started off in shock Poole just whipped by them, with fast passing down court & every goal converted, showed they all play together every week, coach Ben Hania started off with the same line up as the 1st match, Hucclecote were 5 goals down in the qtr, with guidance from the coach with defence marking tight & forcing errors from Poole , this gave Hucclecote a chance to convert, & pulled it back by the end of the qtr 7-10.
Ben Hania made one change in the attack, this seemed to give more height in the centre & going in to the attack, after 2nd qtr only one goal in it ,could be any ones match 18-19 to Poole.
No change's made it was working so well down court & in the 3rd qtr, both teams were neck & neck it was such an exciting match it could go either way, at this point, coach was on her feet shouting, and pushing the team to get ahead & win the ball as much as she could, at the end of the 3rd qtr 28-30 to Poole
Having a team talk just before the last qtr, the team needed to be tight & take care of the balls going down court, finding every bit of reserve the girls were playing the best netball, it was getting physical with both teams going for every tip & interception goal for goal, in the last minutes of the match, couple of decision didn't go our way & lost 36 - 40 to Poole.
Shooting Stats
Hannah 11/12 92%
Kellie 25/35 71%
Kellie , Hannah, Meg, Sam, Georgia, Rebecca, Tara, Lauren, Becky
Stella Ben Hania
Umpire Emma
Team Manager Sue Hull
Scorer Tracie Hull
A big thank you to all the supporters