Hucclecote Hurricanes V Cirencester

Hurricanes took to the court 36-0 down in the second round of the Bateman cup. We knew this was going to be tough and that every pass, interception and goal counted. Hucclecote started well with some good turnovers in defence from Brewer and Walker and some nice mid-court play from Pickles, Wing and Edwards. Edwards and Wing fed shooters Hogg and Banyard well, finding the space around the tight Cirencester defence.

Hucclecote took to the court the second quarter with Gina making her debut in the team and fitted in well on the WA. Hucclecote knew they had to step it up this quarter if they were going to win this game, however if didnít start well this quarter, they had backed off and Ciren had too much play of the ball and too many goals scored this quarter. Our shooters lost confidence and everybody needed a boost.

The third quarter Hucclecote came back fighting, after a team talk by coach Banyard at half time, and a line up change of Hogg to WD, Gina to GA and Edwards back on to WA saw Cote start the quarter well. Gina made some great runs into the circle and the duo of Banyard and Gina started to work well. Defence started to turn more and more balls in the defensive circle and hassled the opposing shooters well.

The final quarter came and we were on an uphill struggle, with a lot of goals to make up still. Cote started to play the quick release ball but this needed to have been played from the first quarter. There were a few funny decisions made and not going our way which was getting our attack frustrated but Cote continued to fight until the end, even though the opposition started to get physical Cote kept their cool and play some great netball, but unfortunately it wasnít enough loosing by just a few goals.

Team: Pollyanna Banyard, Samantha Hogg, Gina, Flo Edwards, Georgia Wing, Katie Pickles, Holly Walker and Hannah Brewer

Player of the Match: Pollyanna Banyard