30 January 2009 - Bateman/Per Ardua 1/4 Final Draw
See who you've drawn in the quarter finals!

 We have 3 teams through to the quarter finals of the Bateman Cup, & they've managed to avoid each other in the draw!

Storm (27) v Stroud Ladies B(42)                                             12.00 netball dome.

Thunder (33) v Randwick Embers(8)                                        1.30 netball dome.

Tornadoes (48) v Old Chelts 3B (29)                                        1.30 netball dome.

Hurricanes are through to the Per Ardua 1/4 final.

Hurricanes(0) v Old Chelts 6 ( 61)                                           12.00 football dome.


All matches are due to be played on Sat 21st Feb which is the 2nd Sat of half term. If you are away you need to let Eve or Sue know urgently so we can see about re arranging if neccessary.