26 February 2009 - Bahrain 2009 www.intergulfnetball.com
Hucclecote have been invited to play in the Inter Gulf tournament again.



A party of players & officials from Hucclecote Netball Club will shortly be jetting out to Bahrain to participate in the annual Inter Gulf tournament.

They will be taking on the top 8 Inter Gulf teams from Dubai, Abu Dabu, Bahrain & Kuwait in the Invitational Cup.

This is the 2nd year Bahrain have invited Hucclecote to the tournament, which is held over 2 days. Last years squad were undefeated throughout the tournament & this year’s squad are hoping to match that performance. With only 2 players from last year returning, it will be a new experience for the majority of the squad. Once again all the players represent Hucclecote at Regional level, which sits under the Premier league, the highest level of club netball in England.

Club coaches Gilly Salter, Liz Banyard & Sue Wainwright will be accompanying the party, along with Umpire Maxine Buffin & team manager, Barbara Warburton.

Salter & Banyard are going out a few days ahead of the squad to do some work with the Bahrain squads, which Salter & Wainwright began in January.

 “This will be a fantastic experience for these girls,” said Coach Sue Wainwright. “The toughest things they will have to contend with will be playing outside & the heat, as all matches at this level in England are played indoors. I am fairly confident though that the squad we have will perform as well as last years, but they will come up against some very talented teams. We are taking nothing for granted; all the players know they will have to produce their best to retain the Invitational Cup.”