17 October 2009 - Under 14 Tournament

Under 14 Tournament


A Squad

Kellie (C)




Becky C




Hannah H


Hucclecote had seven matches lined up for the couse of the day.The first match of the tournament was against Cirencester. Hucclecote won the first centre pass and with new playing combinations taking shape this season began well. Yet too many loopy balls were being fed into the circle, which enabled Cirencester to regain possession and score three goals. However, Hucclecote continued to dominate the game and finished the game with a 9-3 win.


The second game was against Old Chelts. Again Hucclecote won the first centre pass and soon scored. Georgia and Megan linked well in centre court and effectively drove to the circle edge to feed some strong dynamic passes into the shooting duo Kellie and Nicole. Yet, Hucclecote’s unforced error rate was high, losing possession five times to just footwork alone. However, good defense from Becky and Molly restricted Old Chelt’s scoring opportunities and Hucclecote came away with another win.



The third game was against Hucclecote’s B Team. The A team had the target of finishing the game with ten goals. The disadvantage of playing your own club team was shown by both teams during this game as all players were quiet and not performing to the high standard that they are more than capable of. The B team successfully managed to hold the A team up and prevented the A team from reaching the 10 goal target. The final score was 9-0, highlighting that defensively, the A squad denied the Hucclecote’s B team of shooting opportunities and keeping possession of the ball.


The next game was against Hucclecote’s Under 13 Squad. Players were asked to play the first time ball where possible. This challenge resulted in many errors with inaccurate passes or mistimed moves which meant at half time the score was only 3-0. The second half the A squad began to focus and improved their game. Well timed moves throughout the attack enabled the ball to travel comfortably through the court, and good shooting from Kellie and Sam saw a further 6 goals this half, resulting in a 9-1 win.


Match four was against Randwick B. Centre court linked well and consistent shooting by both Kellie and Nicole saw the score 10-0 at half time. The target now was to net 20 by the end of the match. Randwick B stepped up their game forcing Hucclecote to play the long ball. Hucclecote were only able to score 5 this half, meaning they had missed out on their target by five goals. However, still a convincing win.


Hucclecote continued their domination by beating Tommies 10-1 and Randwick A 12-4.


A fantastic squad effort by all the girls involved. The A squad won the tournament with ease and demonstrated fantastic versatility throughout. Well done to all the girls involved.




B Squad  



Hannah P

Rebecca Mc (C)






Hannah Mc


The B Team’s first game was against Old Chelts. This was a tough starting game for Hucclecote who struggled to keep possession of the ball and create scoring opportunities. A few too many errors through centre court allowed Old Chelts to take an early lead and dominate the game. Yet Hucclecote stayed determined and managed to break Old Chelt’s defence and net two goals. Final score: 2-9 (loss).


The second match against Cirencester saw Hucclecote start well. Both India and Lucy worked worked hard in defence to restrict Cirecncester’s opportunities and regain possession. Yet without warning, India was asked to leave the court for having tape on her ears to cover her earrings (although this should have been checked before the first game). This left the squad without their GK and Cirencester took advantage of having an unmarked shooter in the circle before Hucclecote could return a defender to the court. Cirencester won the game 7-3.


The third game was against Hucclecote A. The squad had the target of not letting the A team score ten goals. The B team were effective in putting the A team under pressure and force errors, however were finding it difficult to create any scoring opportunities. At half time, the B team had yet to score any goals. The second half was similar to the first, with the A team dominating the game. However, a few scoring opportunities were created though the shooters were unable to get themselves into a comfortable position to net any goals. Yet, the B team did successfully manage to prevent the A team from reaching their 10 goal target, as the final score was 9-0.


The next game against Randwick A was sure to be a challenge. Too many dropped balls and repossession allowed Randwick to regain possession and create lots of scoring opportunities, finishing the game with a 5-1 win. However their were some moments on court of sharp dynamic netball with well timed moves which were beautiful to watch. We just now need more of them!


The fifth match against Randwick B saw Hucclecote demonstrate what they were capable of. Rebecca at C and Beth at WA linked well and Elish began to dominate in the shooting circle. This gave the squad an immediate confidence boost and they were now the team dominating play. India, Lucy and Kerry marked their players out of the game to force the long ball which enabled Hucclecote to regain possession. Hucclecote won the game 7-1. A strong performance from all the players on the court.


Match 5 was against the Hucclecote’s U13’s. The match against Randwick B had given the squad a confidence boost and another strong performace from Eilish at GA helped take the team to a 7-1 victory.


The final match was against Tommies.  Tommies came out strong, playing quick dynamic netball and driving onto the ball well. Yet, Hucclecote were still performing well with more dynamic forward drives and created some good scoring opportunities. This was a tough game and the girls did well to only lose by two goals to a strong team. Final score: 3-5 (loss).


The B team’s overall finishing position was 6th out of 8. There is still more to come from this squad but towards the end of the tournament they demonstrated their ability to play some fast sharp and effective netball.


Well done to all players involved.


Player of the Tournament: Eilish – well done!