17 October 2009 - U14's 11th October League Fixtures results

11th October League Fixtues


League matches – 12 minutes each way.


A Squad


Vs Cirencester

GS Nicole

GA Kellie / Sam

WA Megan

C Georgia

WD Jess

GD Becky

GK Molly


Hucclecote’s first game of the season was against Cirencester. The first few minutes it was goal for goal by each team. But it didn’t take long for Hucclecote to find their form and dominate play. The ball was transfered throughout the court at speed with players creating options and offering ball side. Well timed moves from Nicole at GS allowed Georgia and Megan to feed the front ball, creating strong scoring opportunites. Strong defending by Molly at GK and Becky at GD put pressure on Cirencester’s attack and successfully restricted their scoring opportunities. At half time the score was 10-5. The target was set for Hucclecote to score 20 and not allow Cirencester to reach 10. Hucclecote were determined to meet this and continued to display moments of fantastic fast and creative netball with Georgia and Megan linking well to drive to the circle edge. This combined with fantastic shooting from Nicole saw Hucclecote strengthen their lead and put Cirencester under pressure to regain possession. Final score 23-8. Not only had Hucclecote met their target, they had done it in style! Beautiful netball ladies! Well done.


Vs Hucclecote B

This was the last game of the day for the A squad after Lyndean pulled of the days fixtures. With an hour between this and the first game, the spark that the girls demonstrated in the first game seem to have faded. Ball side options were not being created and both shooters were being well marked from the defence, who forced the long overhead ball into the circle. Yet, when the ball was put into the circle, the shooters did their job and scored. The combination of Becky, Georgia and Jess in defence, denied the B team of strong scoring opportunites and by half time the A team had only conceded 1 goal.

The second half saw some better timed movements from the A squad and more positive forward drives, allowing them to win the game 18-2.


B Squad



Hannah P

Georgia (first appearance)

Becky Mc

Hannah Mc

Maddie (first appearance)

Megan (first appearance)



Vs Cirencester

The first game of the day for the B squad was against Cirencester. This included a first time appearance from Georgia at WA and Megan at WD.  A few missed opportunities allowed Cirencester to take an early lead. When Hucclecote regained possession, the ball tended to be transfered through one channel, forcing a weak option. At half time the score was 6-3 to Cirencester.

The second half saw Hucclecote demonstrate a change in pace. They began to use the court space available and with some strong and assertive defending from Megan, Hucclecote began to create scoring opportunities for Eilish and Libby who were able to net goal after goal. Hucclecote were closing the score line and confidence throughout the court was developing. With only minutes to go, Hucclecote equalised with a centre pass in hand. The girls remained calm and continued to play controlled sensible netball. With another goal from Libby at GS Hucclecote took the lead, 9-8. With only seconds to go, Hucclecote needed to regain possession and keep hold of the ball. They were able to take the ball from Cirencester but an unforced error allowed Cirencester to equalise, seconds before the final whistle. The game resulted in a 9-9 draw.


A fantastic display from the B team to come back from 3 goals down and take a lead. Two weeks earlier, Cirencester beat Hucclecote 7-3 in the U14 Tournament so a great result. Just a shame it wasn’t a win! But well done!


Vs Hucclecote A

The second match of the day was against Hucclecote A. Hannah came on to GS and a change in the defensive line up saw Maddie appear at GK, India at GD and Megan at WD. A weak start from both teams meant the quality of play was not at its best. Strong defending from the B team put the A team under pressure and forced the long ball over head. India showed a new strength at GD as she controlled the play off of the back line pass. However, Hucclecote A’s experienced players dominated the play and restricted the B team from having strong scoring opportunities. At half time the score was 10-1 in the A teams favour.

Confidence was low and the B team needed to remember the success they had in their first match. Libby came on at GS to try and create the front option in the shooting circle. Supporting attacking players brought the ball down the court well but were not always supporting ball side around the circle edge, forcing Eilish and Libby to attempt the long shot. Final score 18-2 (loss).



Vs Tommies

The last game of the day for the B team was against Tommies. They had a strong squad who played controlled netball, offering ball side and creating many scoring opportunities. They took an early lead and put the B team under pressure. Again, lack of ball side options restricted Hucclecote B from getting into good scoring positions. Tommies GK was physically strong and defending the circle well, putting Hannah and Eilish under pressure. A fantastic first time shot by Hannah put Hucclecote on the score card but by half time the score was 8-1 to Tommies. After a good team talk at half time and bringing Libby on at GS, the girls went out and played a different game. Both Georgia and Becky began to combine well and supported Libby and Eilish around the circle edge. The squad were now creating strong scoring opportunities and again, the B team showed their ability to fight back, netting goal after goal. Hucclecote won this half 6-5, but unfortunately Tommies had a strong lead after the first half, allowing them to take a 13-7 win. A great second half by all players. We’l get them next time girls!


A good display from the B team considering three new players have joined the squad. Well done girls!