01 March 2011 - Old clothes, footwear, bags needed
Bag4Sport Collection arrange for Monday 28th March

Hi Everyone,

We have organised another Bag4Sport collection for Monday 28th March 2pm. Please gather any unwanted clothes, bags, shoes, textiles. You can put them in black sacks/carrier bags, you don't need special bags, just make sure the items won't fall out and ensure the bag is strong enough.

Why not ask your friends and relatives if they have anything they would like to donate? My Mum is having a huge clear out and some of my friends have started looking as well!

They will take the following, good condition items:

-clothes (inc paired shoes, belts, caps etc)

-paired shoes


-bed linen

-soft toys

Bring your items to training the week commencing 21st March, ideally to Bentham, otherwise let your coach know so they can  bring it back in their car or we can arrange for either Sue or myself to collect it at your training that week.

To remind you:

How Bag4Sport works:

Bag4Sport buy all of the unwanted textiles an organisation can generate, which they buy from the organisation at the rate of 40p per kilo (400 per tonne).

The used textiles from an organisation are then transformed into the capital we give back via textile recyclers, who use them to provide affordable clothing in Eastern Europe and Africa.


Thank you