02 October 2011 - Under 16's
Under 16's played a blinder & differently as a squad against a National club winners from Wales
Under 16's played a blinder & differently as a squad against the National club winners .( from Wales)
This was only a friendly but the girls still wanted to win, they have got through the Bentham league with out a hitch so this was really key for the girls to bond as a squad. Having not played a full match before as a squad they started off on fire, zipping down the court, the timing by all 7 players was spot on. 1st qtr 14-8, By the 2nd qtr 25-13, even with the changes on court it really didn't make a different they kept the pressure on by the 3rd qtr 39-19, the squad did let it slip in the last qtr, with fitness playing a big part with the other team still looking fresh, final score 51-30.
Kellie - 17-25 68%
Hannah - 27-31 87.9%
Sam - 7-8 87.5%
Interception: 8
Tips 26
These below were in the last 2 qtr's I think due to fitness.......need to correct this for next match
Contact 10
Poor Passes 9
Obstructions 14
Footwork 5
Kellie Hull, Hannah Jevons, Sam Taylor, Meg Walker, Georgia Wing, Rebecca McNickle, Tara Phillips,
Lauren Elias, Rebecca Campbell.
Coach: Stella Ben Hania
Team Managers: Sue & Tracie Hull
A big thank you for Sue organizing all the food for all four squads :-)