18 February 2012 - Gilly & Sue speechless in Bahrain
Money for Carly

They did the last coaching day in tremendous heat but the girls worked tirelessly. At the end of this, DHL representatives came to announce with Helen the final tally of funds raised. They included the 400 pounds we raised at the lunch table yesterday.

It is wait for it.....a staggering  3017 thousand pounds..............Sue and Gilly were both reduced to tears ! 2700 or thereabouts will be transferred directly to the trust account. Then 400 in cash they will bring back and change at a bank and transfer it to the account on our return home.

It's was a surreal time out in Bahrain and Carly would be so happy seeing the old faces - they all send their love :)

Gilly & Sue are back tomorrow, land at 6.30 and then off to Cheltenham for a Prem game at 10.00 - no down time just yet !!