25 November 2007 - Bahrain Netball extend their thanks
Bahrain Netball National Squads Re-vitalised after being Coached by Hucclecote Duo

The Bahrain Netball League would like to extend their deepest thanks to Gilly and Sue who have just spent 10 days coaching our national squads here in the Arabian Gulf. 


We are preparing to host and compete in the upcoming 22nd annual Inter-Gulf Netball Championships in March.  We knew that we needed some special coaches to help us improve on our core skills and playing tactics.  Thanks to making a connection with Gilly and Sue via a Hucclecote alumni from Dubai, we were able to make contact and persuade them to come to Bahrain for 10 days. 


Gilly and Sue re-vitalised Bahrain Netball with their fantastic coaching, brilliant drilling, superb tactics and wonderful motivational skills.  Over 40 players participated in the many coaching sessions that Gilly and Sue provided during their stay.  Few of us have ever had professional coaching and to see the players improve over the course of their stay was amazing and motivating for all of us.   We have learnt so much in such a short space of time.


We hope that Gilly and Sue had a great time in Bahrain. They certainly went back to England with tans to be proud of!  We all look forward to seeing them again in the New Year and we promise to have practiced everything we were taught in the meantime.