21 January 2013 - U14`s v Kings Worcester
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Hucclecote v Kings Worcester U.14A Squad

A friendly match with Olivia Beveridge’s Kings Worcester  U14 Squad took place at Bentham today in order for Hucclecote and Kings to practise for their up and coming Regional Play-Off tournaments.

In addition, Hucclecote have been limited in being put under pressure in the Gloucestershire League with no team hitting double figures against them or pressuring their shooting circle so this was a great opportunity to expose them against a well drilled school team.

Although 4 regular players could not make it, it gave the opportunity to pull up Year 8 players Emme Hale and Alisha Dudey.

Huccecote’s first line up included Year 8’s Lucy Martin GS, Jane Taylor (Captain on the day), and Alisha Dudey at WD. They were well supported by Milly Boorman and Beth Adkins at WA and C.  Adkins was on top form stealing some great intercepts and with Boorman driving hard to feed the shooters, Hucclecote edged ahead 5-2. Staying the same for the 2nd 7 minutes, Caitlin Santacroce GD and Eve Saunders at GK had demonstrated a strong first 7 minute performance reading the game well to turn over ball restricting Kings to scoring just 2 goals.  Eve Saunders risk taking to read and take the long ball in has excelled this season and with Santacroce bringing the ball up through court strongly¸ Hucclecote’s lead extended to 13-7 with some fine shooting from the two young shooters.

Emme Hale came on at WA for the 3rd phase of play, did well stepping up to this level and once again Beth Adkins was on song and turned a further two clean intercepts which ‘Cote converted .  Sadly Santacroce turned an ankle and had to limp off but until that point had played a dominant and determined role. Winning this phase 4-3, Hucclecote’s lead extended to 17 goals to 8.

Martin and Jane Taylor switched bibs and Milly Boorman went to WD.  Boorman pressured tightly and enabled Hucclecote to take more ball from Kings who tightly marked putting the attack under pressure.  This showed with a number of goals being missed and some poor errors creeping in.  Catherine Taylor at GD turned a stunning intercept and also played a great role in bringing the ball through court to help the youngsters extend their lead to 21-10 winning this phase 4 goals to 2.

Two further phases of play took place enabling all the girls to gain plenty of court time.  It was in the 5th 7 minutes on court that Kings found their pace and during this phase of play pushed Hucclecote all the way extending their  score to double figures and the highest that Hucclecote have had put on them .  When Martin and Taylor received the  ball they converted 100%  of their shots  at this stage but errors with footwork, poor passing and replayed ball led to less opportunities enabling Kings possession and allowing them to draw this 7 minutes 4 each. During this stage ‘Cote’ had 4 Year 8’s on court so credit must be given to new recruits Dudey & Hale for stepping up to the challenge.

The final on court 7 minutes saw a determined effort by all of the Hucclecote squad and they eventually ran out winners 31-14 winning this final 7 by 6 goals to 0. 

This was a great opportunity to play to tournament timings and to see Hucclecote up against much stronger opposition. We wish Kings well for their forth coming tournament in the West Midlands.

Squad:- L. Martin, J. Taylor (Capt), M. Boorman, B. Adkins, E. Hale, A. Dudey, C. Santacroce, E. Saunders, C. Taylor

Shooting Stats;    Taylor  3/3    4/5   2/5   4/5  3/3  Total  16/21  76%       Martin:  2/2  4/7   2/2  0/4  1/1    9/16 56%