03 December 2007 - Bahrain invitation extended to Hucclecote Squad
Hucclecote Regional 1 and 2 Squads have opportunity to go to Bahrain!
Folllowing the recent visit to Coach Bahrain's Inter-Gulf Championship Squads, Hucclecote have been asked if they would like to take an 'invitational' squad of players to take part in the Inter-Gulf Championships in March 2008.  This will allow up to a squad of 12 players to be selected  from Regional 1 and 2 squads to consider if they would like this opportunity - and of course the response was a 'yes'!  The club will now need to finalise numbers and will need to get underway with some serious fund-raising.  This is a fabulous opportunity for Hucclecote players , coaches and umpires.........more to come later.