22 September 2013 - Week one Round up 21-22nd September
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Week one Round up 21/22nd September
Hucclecote have made a great start to the new season, throughout the club.
Its `Premier National League Div 1 squad had a convincing win against Thoroughbreds, newly promoted, by a 20 goal margin, 55-35.
The Regional squads, Stars & Comets played each other in their first match of the new season. It was closely contested for much of the game, demonstrating the depth of talent in the club at this level. Stars eventually pulled away, scoring 53 goals to Comets 31.
At local level, a newly formed Hurricanes squad, played confidently against Randwick, taking a 9 goal victory 37-28 in the Premier Division.
In Div 1, Storm made up entirely of U 16 players looked as if they were going to be trounced by Park Ladies, but a terrific final quarter saw them pull the goals back to 3, losing 33-36.
Tornadoes playing in Div 2 had a super win by 4 goals over a much more experienced Nomads. For many of these girls it was their first taste of the adult league, the squad being made up of 14 & 15 year olds.
Under 16`s also played this weekend won both matches convincing win against Randwick, but had a shaky 2nd match with Old Chelts & next round regional Tournament in Exeter need to come in the top 8 to carry on to the Nationals.