15 January 2014 - First round up 2014
Mixed results
First round up of 2014
There were mixed results for Hucclecote’s teams in the first set of fixtures after the Christmas break.
The Premier team entertained Oldham at Cheltenham College on Sunday in front of a large crowd of spectators. Oldham, previous champions of Division one, fielded a number of Northern Thunder Super League players. Hucclecote made a great start leading the scoring initially. However once Oldham settled they began to dominate and established a convincing lead by half time. A rally in the final 15 minutes by the home team saw Hucclecote close the gap slightly, losing the match 34-59. Gaining the valuable point leaves Hucclecote still in 4th position in Division one.
Both Regional teams had good wins, Stars a convincing score over Roman Glass from Bristol 62-40 which emphasises their dominance in this league. Comets had an unexpected win over Carol Anne from Devon by 15 goals, 54 – 39.
Results in the GCNA Bentham league did not go quite so well for the Hucclecote teams with only one of the four gaining victories.
Hurricanes slipped to a disappointing 1 goal defeat in a tightly contested match with Challengers `Rockets, while Lightning went down 25 goals to 38 to Challengers Flyers.
Storm in Division 1 dominated Churchdown winning 51 -29 while Tornadoes in Division 2 and playing another Churchdown side, went down 24 goals`to 43.
Junior teams were also in action at Bentham on Sunday, the U 16 team                                 Lost at the last 5 minutes of the match 9-12 and the U14 team winning             27-7