23 February 2015 - Ready for regionals
U14`s v Tornadoes
U14`s 22 v Tornadoes 27

Having arranged a friendly, on a training night for the u14`s ready for regionals. Both team were missing players, because of half term, didn`t think it would have been such a close match between these teams , u14`s tried to keep up with Tornadoes, at times it worked but couldn`t keep up the pace, not used to this standard or speed of play, Tornadoes made it hard work for them selves after 1st quarter 4-4, each quarter Tornadoes up by 2 or 3 goals, u14`s just couldn`t get ahead, but u14`s made Tornadoes work for every goal, u14`s need to watch players on court, need to really use the first time ball & fitness let them down, at times the movement spot on, they just couldn`t keep it going for an hour, Tornadoes gave them a really good game ready for the 1st March .
Squad - Paige, Beth, Maddie, Flo, Emma F, Charlotte, Emma B, Emilia. 
Errors - 50
Interceptions, Tips, Rebounds - 36
Squad - Ellie, Nina, Jodie, Freya, Jenny, Charlie, Milly, Hannah, Eve.
Errors - 54
Interceptions, Tips, Rebounds - 30
Some Things to work on - Movement, Towards the ball, Reset play.........