28 December 2007 - Congratulations to Dave Stringer
Dave Stringer one of Hucclecote's Umpires has passed his 'A' Award Written Paper

Congratulations to Dave Stringer on passing his 'A' Award Written Paper.  Dave joined Hucclecote originally when both his daughters joined the club.  From little beginnings, Dave soon became involved in umpiring at a local level, and progressed onwards and upwards taking his C Award and then his B Award Qualification. Dave has provided services to Gloucestershire County Netball and Netball South West more recently umpiring at Regional 1 Level.  His determination to succeed has also seen Dave take great leaps, ensuring his fitness levels were improved and during one of his fitness tests achieved Level 10 on the Multi-Stage Fitness Test.

His ambition to achieve 'A' Standard is now well in his grasp, and with his success in passing his 'A' Award paper , leaves just the practical test to go. 

Hucclecote are proud that Dave's routes started at local club level and wish him success in gaining this award which will make him the highest qualified practising umpiring in the County.