12 March 2018 - Round up 10th March
Round up: 10th March 
Round up: 10th March 
Storm had a closely run game with Bishop Cleeve warriors. They made a slow start & were trailing by 10 at half time. Storm made a great recovery to claw back the deficit to loose by only 1 goal. Player of the match goes to Emily 
Lightning clung on to win their match with Upton by 4 goals.
Once Lightning had drawn level they established a slight lead which they held throughout. Grace Cappell worked tirelessly in defence gaining her player of the match. Although at times Lightning shooters were difficult to find, both Ellie Parker & Lucy Martin converted accurately which kept them in the lead. 
Hurricanes stormed into a strong lead over Challengers leading 30-16 @ half time. Play was fast & stylish which Challengers found hard to curtail. Michelle Dowle was in outstanding form, netting 52/62 gaining her joint player of the match with Ella Langford who hassled & turned over numerous ball @ WD. The final score of 59-37 demonstrates Hurricanes total dominance on court.