29 May 2022 - Prem end of season report 21/22


By the end of the season, Hucclecote’s national prem 1 team were very happy about their bang average 5th place with 9 wins, 9 loses 1.00 goal average. The team started the pre-season strongly, with a good turnout to coach Noonan’s sessions and had their sights set on a top four finish. The beginning of the season looked very promising, with a run of three wins, but this was followed by a five game losing streak. This was turned around in their last match of 2021, with a convincing win over Turnford. The new year didn’t bring a great new start, as the first match of the year was delayed, due to COVID, and the second half of the season was just as turbulent as the first. Special mention should go to (in no particular order):

• Ella and Paige starting strong with players of matches for at least the first four matches and then retiring for the rest of the season, never to be seen again. In reality, this was due to superleague commitments

• Milly Pittaway making her prem debut against a very strong Academy side, and holding her own against the Corbin sisters

• Welcoming Annabel Stanley back

• Welcoming Becky Griffin – a late but valued addition to the squad, and great commitment to

training, despite living in Swansea

• Harriet eating the match-day sandwiches before the match, because she hadn’t had a

proper breakfast - student life.

• Annabel wearing in her new trainers which resulted in bleeding ankles, but persevering with

the short socks, regardless

• Anyone that drove the team to matches, especially the players

• The return of Philadelphia with sweet chilli – not to be confused with sweet chilli flavoured


• Jane being awarded player of the match, and then the team coach disagreeing and giving it

to Rosie

• Lauren Hancock’s versatility, including first choice GK at one point

• The great coaching force of Noonan, Adams and Cook

• Jane Taylor, Paige Read, Rosie Allison, Ella Powell-Davies, Laura Rudland, Lauren Hancock,

Sam Cook, Chloe Carchrie and Renee Powell, all winning POMs for one or more game.

• The strength and depth of the squad, and the whole club, really. Due to strict superleague

commitments, COVID, every team member managing to find a drop of Welsh blood in their system and having commonwealth games training camps every weekend, pregnancy (congrats to Sam and Glenn), and Rosie’s social calendar taking her out for a whole month of hen parties and weddings, Sue and co were often ringing around until late into the evening to try and get a squad out, and too often we had the bare 8 players

High point of the season – beating a strong Linden team second time around, with 8 players

Low point of the season – just about scraping half of Oldham’s score and then having to make the long journey home from Manchester

The team look forward to aiming for above average next season; and would welcome any up-and- coming defenders to make themselves known!