29 May 2022 - R1 end of season 21/22


RL1 stars 2021/2022 season. We got off to a great start and won our first match against jersey by one goal, it was the best start to the season that we could have asked for. We then had narrow misses against the next so many teams and we just couldn’t find a win or good form.

We lost our coach kate to mat leave which was a massive loss to our squad. 

Over the season we had 4 wins and 13 losses. We haven’t had the best season and with no coach and a inconstant team it has been a huge struggle. Unfortunately this has been the worst set of results for RL1 stars for quite some seasons and it has resulted in us being demoted to RL2.

Thanks to Su Porter for all her help and for all the players that came and stepped in and helped out. A massive shout out to Lydia and Holly T who were both injured in the season.