29 May 2022 - R2 end of season 21/22
R2 2021-22 Season

R2 2021-22 Season


Unusually, this year started with a very large squad. Sue did a fantastic job of getting us all to buy into a large squad which included under 20s, under 30s and over 40s, and it worked fantastically well throughout the whole season. Having such a large squad afforded us the freedom to try lots of different combinations in the early matches so that when players were team tied, had NPL fixtures or had prior commitments all the squad knew how to play with each other and played with confidence in any position they were needed in.

We had a dominating season in Regional 2 and had many victories in excess of 20 goals. We also saw some tighter and tougher matches towards the end; most notably against Whitchurch that didn’t quite go to plan, but we were such comprehensive winners of the league it didn’t impact our 1st place, it merely dented our ever increasing egos 😆!

The commaraderie of this group as a whole, with Alistair taking photos and doing the table and parents and grandparents on the side cheering us on, was a fantastic thing to be part of and it will be a shame that this group of players won’t be together next season. However, this squad has always been a stepping stone within the club; elevating talent and welcoming some tired limbs. I have no doubt we will continue to be a success next season and we look forward to receiving our new recruits to help them on their netball journey moving up or down their netball ladder.

Finally, a huge thank you must go to Swaino, who shows nothing but 150% commitment to all her players within the club and something that we felt particularly strongly this season in Comets. We especially loved having our new box of sweets each game and continue to enjoy the priceless ‘Sueisms’ from the bench!