29 May 2022 - R3 end of season 21/22


This was Hurricanes first season in Regional 3 and we aimed to finish in the top of half of the table. With a new team, new combinations and players who had never played together before, we worked hard as a Team and managed to finish 4th in the league, which was very well deserved.


Regional 3’s first season definitely had its ups and their downs but we got through the season as a team and always had each others backs on and of the court. It was a tough season as we had multiple injuries which had an impact on the team. Some of which saw players out for multiple weeks. Due to the injuries, the line up was never the same each week but we tried not to let this effect our game. In total we had 21 different players play for us.  We didn’t make each match easy for ourselves with some of our passes and silly errors and I think Stella and anyone on the bench would back this up. Nevertheless, we always went on court fighting for the win.


In total we played 17 games, unfortunately the 18th match was conceded by the other team.

11 games won, 6 games lost and 1 game ended in a draw.


Thank you to all the players who played for regional 3 throughout the season, to the supporters who came to watch the games and to the squad on the bench. We would also like to thank:

Kirsty for being our team scorer most weeks.

CJ Hole Hucclecote for sponsoring us this season and providing us with our netball dresses.

Alix unfortunately got injured the first half of the season causing her to miss out on a lot of matches. Although she was not on the court with us, she never missed a match and was always on the bench helping coach and cheer us on. She was definitely missed on court but hopefully she will be back playing with us in no time.

Our team manager, Judith, for making sure we were organised, sorting out empires, collecting fees and washing the dresses most weeks.

A special thank you to our coach Stella. Without Stella this season would have been very different. No matter what was going on, she was always there supporting us and being our biggest fan. Nothing was too much trouble and through all the stress we caused her, she always put us as individuals and the team first. Without her support through this season, we would not have finished where we did in the league.

From all of the players, supporters and club, thank you Stella for a great season and for being a fantastic coach! All your hard work does not go unnoticed!


Here’s to the next season!