30 May 2022 - Typhoon end of season 21/22
Season Review – Typhoons

Season Review – Typhoons

• Won 13, L 1

• Goal difference of 434 – highest in the whole league (one win 80 to 6)

• Despite the number of wins we only beat 2nd place by 4 points (in effect one game)

Thunder were unbeaten until 26th March.  What can I say – some of the wins were really impressive and it really showed the depth of talent we have in the club.  Due to player movement and players not available due to Regional commitments we called upon some U15’s to play.  This gave them the opportunity to play against seniors.  Whilst our youngsters had the speed and agility they had to learn that older players can have more tactical awareness so they had to try and adapt their game.  All new learnings for them.  Thank you goes to Liz and her group – Millie, Niamh, Nuala, Alice and for the last game Myrtle.  These all helped us secure the Div 5 title along with our established players.

Our only loss was against Steelers who ended up 12 and 2.  They had everything to play for to secure 2nd place as behind them were Moody Blues.  We had already secured promotion going into the last game but had we lost by more than 5 goals Steelers would have beaten us by 1 point to the division title despite the far superior goal difference.  Anyway that didn’t matter as we won the last game by 17 goals.


• Overall depth of talent in the club to support all teams

• Scoring rate

• Winning margins certainly at the start of the season but maintained later part

• Willingness to move teams and play different positions often knowing late on a Friday

• Positivity on court and overall team spirit

• Securing both Div 4 and Div 5 League Titles

Massive thank you to Stella for sorting umpires – one less thing to do !