11 October 2008 - Bateman Results.
4 out of 5 win today!

4 out of 5 teams won through to the Bateman cup today, with only Hurricanes in the Per Ardua Cup.(This does however mean that Hucclecote can win BOTH cups!)

Hurricanes lost out to Lyndean Emeralds by only 1 goal, so find themselves in the Per Ardua Cup Competition.

 Lightening's match with Red Saints was conceded, so they will be placed in the Bateman competition.

They will be joined by Hucclecote Storm,Thunder & Tornadoes who all recorded big scores. None more so than Hucclecote Storm who ran away with their match against Randwick. They scored 76 goals which when added to their handicap gave them a 103 - 63 result!

Great shooting girls!!

Next round for both competitions is Saturday 13th December. Please make a note of the date as the next round is knock out!!! You lose - you are out!