05 November 2008 - Bateman & PerArdua
Cup draw has been made - 2nd round Saturday Dec 13th!

The draw for the next round of the Bateman & Per Ardua cup has been made & is as follows-

This is a handicap competition with scores in brackets after each team.

Hucclecote Hurricanes  ( 0) home to United Hawkes (41)

Hucclecote Lightning (9) home to Chelt Ladies B (52)

Hucclecote Storm (27) away to Nomad Demons (30)

Hucclecote Thunder (33) away to Glos Ladies A (0)

Hucclecote Tornadoes (48) away to Chelt Ladies A (14)

Remember this round is knock out- if you lose you are OUT!!