10 November 2008 - Hucclecote Under 13s 9th November
Hucclecote are still undefeated!

Hucclecote vs Lyndean

The first match of the day was against Lyndean and Hucclecote dominated the game as soon as the whistle went. Nicole at GS managed to convert 14 goals, a fantastic effort for her first appearance with Hucclecote. Along side Kelly also shot well and with a strong defence Lyndean were only able to put two away, leaving the final score 22 2 to Hucclecote. The ball speed down court was impressive, however there were still some discipline needed on court positioning. Yet despite this, an outstanding score line and a great start to the day.


The Squad

GS -     Nicole

GA -     Kelly (c)

WA -     Hannah H / Jo C

C -        Megan / Beth

WD -     Georgia / Rebecca Mc

GD -     Becky C / Georgia

GK -     India



Hucclecote vs Cirencester

The second match of the day was against Cirencester. It was a tense start with Cirencester converting the first goal. Yet Hucclecote responded and soon equalised. Play down court at times was overloaded to one side of the court, which allowed Cirencester to intercept. However, with Georgia and Becky in defence, Cirencester struggled to find enough opportunities to take a lead and at the end of the first half the score was 5 2 in Hucclecotes favour. At half time Hucclecote had the target of not allowing Cirencester to score more than 2 goals. To aid this a few changes were made that saw Kelly move from GA to WD to provide more defensive support and Sam to come on as GA to combine with Molly. Megan and Hannah combined well to feed the shooters and support ball side around the D. This allowed the shooters to work themselves into strong positions and put more shots away. Hucclecote began to find their form and worked as a team to bring the ball down court effectively. The final score was 12 -4 to Hucclecote, which meant that they succeeded in not allowing Cirencester to score more than 2 goals in the second half. A good win!


The Squad

GS -     Molly

GA -     Kelly (c) / Sam

WA -     Hannah H

C -        Megan

WD -     Rebecca Mc / Kelly

GD -     Georgia

GK -     Becky


Hucclecote vs Gloucester Ladies

The third match of the day was against Gloucester Ladies. This was a fantastic performance from all players involved and a comfortable win. Both Nicole and Sam shot well and the girls successfully opened up the court and used their space well to drive onto the ball. India at GK worked well to hassle her GS and denied Gloucester Ladies the opportunity to shoot along with Becky and Georgia who played half each at GD. At half time Hucclecote had a strong lead of 8 -0. A few changes were made that saw Beth, Jo and Rebecca combine well in centre court. Confidence was growing within individual players and they took the final score to 14 1. Another comfortable win.


The Squad

GS       Nicole

GA       Sam

WA       Beth / Jo

C          Hannah / Beth

WD       Kelly / Rebecca Mc

GD       Georgia / Becky

GK       India



Hucclecote vs Old Chelts

The final match of the day was against Old Chelts. It was a tentative start and the girls appeared under pressure. At 2 goals each there had been lots of unforced errors down court, however Hucclecote then appeared to settle and took the lead to 7 2 at half time. Jo came on to WA and Hannah moved to C. Jos first drive out for the centre pass was fantastic, yet Hucclecote quickly became unsettled and lost the form they had found during the first half. Old Chelts were fighting back and came within two goals early on in the second half. Nerves were showing on court, however the passion in the girls meant that they wernt going to let Old Chelts take the game from them. There was some outstanding defensive work, yet Hucclecote struggled to convert these with many failed attempts at goal. Persistence kept them in the lead and the whilstle finally went with the score being 10 -7 to Hucclecote. This meant that during the second half Hucclecote only managed to score 3 goals, compared to 7 in the first half and allowed Old Chelts to score 5, in comparison to their earlier 2. This means they actually lost the second half.


The Squad

GS -     Molly

GA -     Sam

WA -     Hannah H / Jo C

C -        Megan / Hannah

WD -     Kelly

GD -     Georgia

GK -     Becky


A fantastic display from all of the girls involved with fantastic determination demonstrated when under pressure. We still need to look at our positioning and role on court and practice using all the channels to get the ball into our shooting circle but still a great performance. Hucclecote are still undefeated! Well done ladies!