12 November 2008 - Results of the 1st HNC 100 Club draw
Congratulations to these 5 people who have won a prize in our 1st 100 Club

Congratulations to the following for winning the 1st HNC 100 Club:

No.44 - Sharon Greening 25
No.96 - Emma Nield 10 (parent Sonia Nield)
No.64 - Emily Spurway 5
No.90 - Hannah Jeavons 5 (parent Keith Jeavons)
No.100 - Jess Wright 5 (parent Colette Wright)

Being involved has paid off for these people already!! If you have not joined up then please do or if you have why not buy another ticket per month and increase your chances of winning! Parents can also enter.

Terms and conditions apply, please speak to Dean Simmons or Max Buffin for further details.